Sacha Baron Cohen Wants You to Invest in Wadiya

Still getting offers from Nigerian princes to split a fortune locked up in a bank?

Here's something equally profitable: invest in Wadiya.

Wadiya, in case you haven't heard, is an east African country run by dictator General Aladeen.

Not really.

It's a movie from Paramount coming out in May starring Sacha Baron Cohen of "Borat" fame. As part of the buildup to the film's release, there is now a Republic of Wadiya websitewhich includes a pitch to invest there. "Under the brilliant stewardship of Supreme CEO Aladeen, our state-run economy last year gave a 9000 percent return to such venerated individuals and corporations as BP...and Donald Trump."

Possible Wadiyan investmentsinclude:

  • Refuge disposal--"You name it, we'll bury it."
  • Personnel training--"Testimonies available from satisfied clients such as The Taliban, IRA and Pottery Barn."
  • Retirement Homes for international leaders seeking refuse--"We can even source your favorite foods - German, Yugoslavian or Chilean, for example - and arrange for you to carry out small-scale atrocities to remind you of the good old days."

Other parts of the website give your a history of Wadiya, a 500-day weather forecast, and suggested links, including Cash4Gold ("best rates paid for gold teeth") and the UN Commission on Human Rights ("hilarious site").

Wadiya flight path
Source: Dartz Press
Wadiya flight path

Before investing in Wadiya, you may want to go there.

But how?

A check of Orbitz came up empty.

No problem!

Dartz, the cheeky creator of expensive Russian armored cars, has announced direct flights from Riga to Wadiya, "a perfect vacation spot," starting in May.

"Tourists can enjoy the famous Sand Museum which has been incorrectly described by the corrupt Western press as 'just a fence around a portion of desert,'" Dartz's press release reads.

Dartz vehicles appear in the upcoming film, and given how lovely Wadiya looks, who wouldn't want to go there to pursue so many lucrative business opportunities? "Science enthusiasts also have the opportunity help the Wadiyan government enrich uranium at the Wadiyan Science Museum."

Count me in. With a 9000 percent ROI, Wadiya may be the best investment since Apple .

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