American Cancels Flights at Dallas-Fort Worth After Tornadoes: Reports

AMR has canceled hundreds of American Airlines and American Eagle flights in and out of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport after the region was hit by tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms, according to various reports.

American Airlines
American Airlines

American Airlines spokesman Ed Martelle confirms with that all inbound flights to Dallas-Fort Worth have been cancelled for the rest of the day. "We may have some departures this evening, but only after the aircraft have been thorougly inspected for hail damage," he says.

Long delays for getting flights rebooked are likely for passengers stranded at airports around the country, as well as those trying to get through by phone. As someone who has been through my fair share of weather-related delays and cancellations, here are my travel tips:

  • Be patient — While cancellations are frustrating, try to keep things in perspective.
  • Attempt to access your reservation via the airline's website or mobile app for rebooking.
  • Consider buying a day pass at the airline's airport lounge as the customer service lines inside are generally shorter than the main terminal.
  • While standing in line, call the airline at the same time to see if you get an agent faster.