Internet Trend Nearing Inflection Point

Fast Money Portfolio
Fast Money Portfolio

We may be at an inflection point in retail as a new and dynamic trend takes a foothold.

And it could change the fortunes of retailers everywhere.

What’s the trend? More retail is taking place online.

We know what you’re thinking! That’s nothing new. The broad trend has been underway for quite some time.

Yes it has, but Boston Properties Chairman Mort Zuckerman tells us the trend is gaining traction. "It's going to accelerate, if anything," he says.

So much so that larger stores are starting to re-think their strategy; they're starting to prefer a smaller footprint. Contrary to the big box, bigger is better trend, "a smaller footprint will send ripples across both operators and shopping center owners," explains Zuckerman.

“That has to be scary if you’re a mall owner,” muses trader Karen Finerman. “Do you get to a tipping point where the whole mall gets smaller?”

Zuckerman sees developments online transforming the whole retail space, much like it transformed media, another industry with which Zuckerman is well acquainted.

Zuckerman is also publisher of "U.S. News & World Report" and "New York Daily News" and tells us, “I have some experience in print publishing and I can tell you that it’s been changed dramatically by the Internet.”

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