Your Questions About Nat Gas and Best Buy

The Fast Money traders always enjoy hearing from you. Following are your questions about nat gas and Best Buy.

Find out what they had to say:

Q: Has UNG bottomed out?

A: “Nat gas has been a falling knife,” replies technical trader Abigail Doolittle. “Don’t try to catch it. Until you see the UNG go above the 50-day, you’re playing with fire. I wouldn’t go near it.”

“I'd watch for production shut ins,” adds trader Josh Brown. In other words, supply must come out of the market. “That alone will determine the bottom.”

Any serious takeovers ideas for $BBY? If not, how soon before they file?

A: There are no indications that Best Buy will file for anything,” replies trader Jon Najarian. "However if you’re looking for a trade, watch the 52-week low around $21.21. If it holds– then I’d take a look, but again as a trade.”

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