Media Rules for Jobs Report to Tighten to Prevent Leaks

The U.S. Department of Labor announced on Wednesday it plans to tighten its rules for the media to prevent leaks of the monthly jobs numbers.


The department will supply standard equipment to journalists in press "lock-ups" and will not allow company-owned computers or phones to be used.

Under the new rules there will also be no wireless access. Pens and pencils will be supplied and no personal gear, umbrellas or bags will be allowed.

In a press release, the Labor Department detailed the procedure for applying to participate in its upcoming press lock-ups, which will occur in a space that can accommodate between 20 and 30 journalists.

Interested journalists have until April 23 to submit requests.

Organizations will be notified by May 7 as to whether they have been selected for the lock-ups. Once an organization is approved, its representatives will be invited to a mandatory orientation, which will include hands-on demonstration and testing.

The lock-up credentials will be valid beginning on July 6.