Your Questions about McDonald’s, the Vix, GE & More

The Fast Money traders always enjoy hearing from you. Following are your questions about Zinga, GE, McDonald’s and more.

Check out what they had to say!


Q: What's the traders' take on $MCD right here?

A: “I think the pullback in McDonald's to the mid-90’s is an opportunity,” replies trader Mike Murphy. “The trajectory of growth should remain to the upside.”



Q: Is the Vix above the 50 day sma signaling "Sell in May"??

A: “Rather than the 50-day, I’d keep an eye on the 100-day which is about 21 for the Vix ,” replies Pete Najarian. “If we go above that level, then I’d start selling.”



Q: Is GE a buy?

A: “I would say GE is still buyable,” replies Steve Grasso. “The hunt for yield is still there. I’m a believer that the market is probably going to trade lower and yield plays will become more important to portfolios.”



Q: ZNGA worth hanging on to if the one-off hot new social games are going to get bid up, and FB ipo coming? Whts growth path?

A: “I certainly would not be short online gaming stocks such as Zinga,” says Jon Najarian. “In fact, Zynga is in discussions with Wynn; that could be huge.”



Q: Your take on $URI after $TITN beat?

A: “I entered United Rentals around $37,” says trader Mike Murphy. “I think it’s a huge growth story and could trade up into the 50’s.”

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