Food-Price Hikes: Corn Hordes and Stolen Cows

A Corn Crisis? If you make food with corn, get used to higher prices. The USDA says stocks are lower than expected and even though we could see a record corn crop, farmers are investing in storage bins and holding onto corn to dole out as prices look attractive. (Video here)

Beef Rustling: As beef gets expensive, cow rustling is getting popular again. We talk to a rancher and a Special Ranger who has never seen it so bad. (Video here)

Breakfast: Market research firm NPD Group says that 80 percent of morning meals are purchased from fast food establishments and research shows that people care less about the price of their breakfast than any other meal because it's so much about convenience and speed. (Story here)

Plus we had some guest columns on the subject...

Dan Rowe, Founder and CEO of Fransmart, on maximizing restaurant profits in the face of food inflation.

Martin Mayorga, president of Mayorga Coffee, on profiting in the face of coffee-price inflation.

Billy Cyr, CEO of the Sunny Delight Beverages Co., on price pressure in the juice business.


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