Why I Don't Yell at the Stock Market

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Why is the stock market up nearly 2 percent today? What's with the 5-1 advance/decline line?

There's an old saying I very much believe in: don't yell at the stock market. Don't yell at it when you don't understand what it is doing, or don't agree with what it is doing.

Don't yell. It doesn't care what you think.

With that said, there are days when I am tempted.

So why is the market up today? Here are the top three reasons given by traders:

1) Successful Spanish short-term debt auction (though Pimco's Gross is dubious)

2) German Finance Minister Schauble says Spain does not need bailout (read economists' counterpoint)

3) Apple back over $600

AAPL has gone from $605 Monday morning to $578 yesterday to — $605 today. That's right. A complete round trip.

No matter: don't yell.

The disappointing March Housing Starts numbers have been relegated to the ash heap of history (apologies to President Reagan).

No matter: don't yell.

The IMF has said that Italy, the lynchpin of European reform efforts, will miss its budget deficit targets in 2012 and 2013, and Prime Minister Mario Monti will have to propose cut even more cuts to his fragile political coalition.

No matter: don’t yell.

One is tempted to say that the market gets fixated on very small stories (Spanish short term auction) that is in no way indicative of the longer-term narrative (like QE3 or the European debt crisis).

But that would not be intellectually satisfying. No, we crave a coherent narrative. We are story-telling animals.

So I am sticking with my Top 3 reasons, noted above. Just don't yell...at me.

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