Delta Most Active Airline on Twitter

The nation's top airlines have embraced the Twitterverse, but who is the best Twitter-er of them all?


According to a recent study cited in Tnooz, Delta Air Lines is. SimpliFlying, which helps airlines and airports engage travelers profitably, and Unmetric, a company that analyzes social media, studied seven airlines and found that Delta had the fastest average response time of 11 minutes on its @deltaassist Twitter handle.

US Airways had the longest average response time of seven hours and 14 minutes. United Airlines had the second worst at two hours and 27 minutes. JetBlue Airways was second-best with an average response time of 15 minutes.

Delta also produced the most number of tweets in a 30-day period, with 4,235. That was more than double JetBlue's 2,106. JetBlue is often considered a leader in social media. American Airlines had the second-highest tweet volume at 3,391.

Southwest and United were the least active on Twitter, with 172 and 307 tweet, respectively.

Increasingly travelers are taking to Twitter to air complaints, and airlines have started to respond. According to SimpliFlying, Delta has 12 employees managing @deltaassist.

Of the seven airlines, only JetBlue and Delta seemed to have 24/7 operations, SimpliFlying found. For most airlines, the Twitter support is a 12-hour operation. To look at the entire study, click here.