Dennis Gartman: ECB Won’t Step if Spain’s Bond Auction Tanks

Like so many others on Wall Street, strategic investor Dennis Gartman is focused on the bond auction coming on Thursday in Spain. And his expectations aren’t high.

“Expect the Spanish bond auction to go badly tomorrow (Thursday),” he says on Fast Money. “It’s safe to say, it’s not going to be very good.”

And he also says, don’t expect the ECB to save the day.

If the auction is received poorly, “I think it’s unlikely the ECB will do anything – I don’t think they have the ability, it’s not their policy. Will the ECB come in and make direct purchases? No.”

As a result Gartman says “avoid owning anything in Europe."

If you want to get ahead of the auction, Gartman thinks the winners will be Canada and Spain.

“I expect money will seek safety in the Canadian dollar and Australian dollar – yields are strong, the central banks are in good positions, and of course, the governments are stable,” says Gartman.

Crude Oil

Of course we couldn’t talk with a commodities pro like Gartman and not talk about oil.

Gartrman tells us he's anticipating a long-term decline in Brent with Brent ultimately trading to a discount against WTI.

Gartman cites the decision to reverse the pipeline at Cushing as the major catalyst for the decline – and he thinks the forthcoming sell-off will be significant.

“I think we can see $85 WTI and $85 Brent. In addition to the pipeline reversal which should increase supply, Gartman also says demand is slowing. “The consumer is slowing down the amount of driving they do – and we’re retiring old cars with new ones, which are much more fuel efficient – and we’re finding a lot more crude oil.”

* You can find our entire conversation with Dennis Gartman about 3:30 into the video above.

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