Call to the Floor: Capstone Turbine

Record low nat gas prices have taken a toll on countless companies and by proxy countless portfolios.

But Capstone Turbine may be the exception to the rule.

Low nat gas prices are fueling sales of their low emission turbines. In fact, just this week the company announced 30 more orders for its C65 microturbines, with those orders coming from a range of companies.

CEO Darren Jamison tells us, "Business is great. We're growing 30% year over year. And we're doing that in an economy that's extremely tough."


Check out our entire conversation with Jamison. It's the latest installment of Fast Money ongoing series celebrating Earth Week.

Watch the video now!

* It's worth noting Capstone is among the smaller companies that we tell you about on Fast Money. At the time of writing the market cap was around $300 million.

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