Bet on American Ingenuity

Fast Money Portfolio
Fast Money Portfolio

Scrambling for strategies? Top money pro Charles Kantor suggests betting on the good ol’ USA!

Kantor, who is managing director for Neuberger Berman, tells CNBC’s Fast Money that if you have a longer-term time horizon, the best place to park your money is right here at home, in risk assets or stocks.

“Fundamentally I think stocks are cheap – I think investors are mispricing risk,” he says. “We think the market is pricing in 1% future earnings growth. However, on average in any 10-year cycle the S&P delivers 4-6%,” he says

But Kantor doesn’t just like US stocks – he likes growth stocks an area of the market that offers greater potential returns but also presents higher risk.

“Bet on American ingenuity, management talent and global focus,” he says.

Following are his top picks:
Brookfield Infrastructure

The companies above, “are going to grow, they have an understandable business strategy and they generate high returns on capital,” he explains. “I understand the world is uncertain– the market is more than discounting that.”

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