Should You 'Go For It' and Buy Wal-Mart?

If you’re a trader chances are you're wondering how to trade Wal-Mart, after Monday's sharp pullback.

Conventional wisdom suggests the Street went into ‘sell first and ask questions’ later after the New York Times said the company violated the Foreign Corruption Practices Act by paying off Mexican officials who oversaw the company's expansion plans.

That would suggest the dip is a buying opportunity.

However, United States law is among the strictest in the world when it comes to paying bribes to foreign officials. Perhaps these developments make the stock too hot to handle.

What should you do?

Following are strategies from the Fast pros.

Trader Guy Adami is a buyer. "I still think Wal-Mart stock is cheap," he says. "I don't think what happened is a story in terms of the operation of Wal-Mart and what it means for shareholders." In other words, be greedy when others are fearful.

Trader Scott Nations says if you want to take a flier, do it with calls, so you can define your risk. And it may not be so far-fetched to think Wal-Mart is going to rally. "3 calls traded in Wal-Mart today for every put," Nations adds. That may tell you something.

"I pared down my position," reveals Karen Finerman. "A share holder never wants to see something like this; a scandal involving your company on the front page on the New York Times.

“I don’t see how this can be anything but an overhang,” adds Fast Money trader Brian Kelly. He tells us he can’t make any compelling case for pulling the trigger. “You could wake up one morning and find out the story is worse, much worse. I’d just stay far away. There are plenty of other places in retail that you can put money to work.”

Money pro Mike Murphy suggests looking at rivals in the same space.

Last year, in the face of economic weakness, dollar stores won audience away from Wal-Mart. If investors pull money out of Wal-Mart but want to stick with the same theme, that money could go into dollar stores.

“Generally, dollar stores may be a great place to play,” Murphy says.

Pete Najarian says much the same. "I'd play it long Dollar Tree and Family Dollar ."

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