Airline Ad Campaign: Your Fourth Wife Flies Free

Low-cost airlines have a penchant for poking fun at trendy news items.

Kulula airlines
Kulula airlines

Spirit Airlines last week launched a saleto Cartagena, Colombia in the wake of the Secret Service prostitution scandal. But a South African airline one-upped the ante by targeting its country's president.

South African president Jacob Zuma married his fourth wife this past weekend and the nation's low-cost carrier, Kulula Airlines, launched a "Fourth Wife Flies Free" promotion on Facebook.

"We're pleased to announce another world first with the launch of a 4thwife flies free special," reads the offer. "Inspired by regular VIP travelers with sizeable spousal entourages, the offer is open to all fourth wives when the family travels together on the Jo'burg to Cape Town route."

The ad continues, "Should you find yourself flying across our beautiful nation on business, holiday, or even say, honeymoon, you'll be pleased to hear that as long as all five of you fly together, not only will you get a great deal on flights for your first three wives, but your fourth wife will fly free, mahala, on the house."

I find such publicity stunts amusing and appreciate that some airlines can bring levity to an otherwise non-humorous industry.

Tell us what you think. Do these "promotions" cross a line?