Great Airport Dining; Plus, the Worst Airport Delays

If you've got a long connection at one of the major airports, step away from the fast food lines and consider dining in style.

Encounter Restaurant at LAX
Encounter Restaurant at LAX

Many airports across the country now feature deluxe and unique eateries you would find on any popular city street with quality to match.

With the help of TripAdvisor, we looked at traveler reviews of restaurants at the busiest U.S. airports and focused on those with the highest Popularity Index. We've summarized them and put together a tour of 10 of the best airport restaurants. Take a look.

Speaking of connections, there are certain airports more prone to delays and weather issues than others.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics ranked the 10 U.S. airports with the worst records for on-time arrivals in 2011 from a survey of 29 major airports across the country.

Have you recently flown through one of the worst airports for connections? See where it falls in our tour.