Will Andrew Luck Ever Match Peyton Manning's Marketability?

NFL Draft prospect QB Andrew Luck addresses the media.
Jonathan Newton | The Washington Post | Getty Images
NFL Draft prospect QB Andrew Luck addresses the media.

Stanford's phenom quarterback Andrew Luck is set to be the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He will be asked to replace the legendary Peyton Manning under center for the Indianapolis Colts this fall.

Many NFL scouts and analysts believe that Luck is the closest thing to a "can't miss" quarterback on the field since (ironically) the man he is being asked to succeed.

But, what are the prospects for Luck in the world of endorsements?

So far, Luck has snagged only two endorsement deals. One is with Pepsi to promote the Gatorade and Quaker Oats brand. The second deal is with Nike.

The main man in the draft spotlight spoke with Darren Rovell about whether he can achieve the same type of marketing success as Manning did off the field.

"I want to earn it on the field as a player before I guess you reap all the benefits," said Luck.

The new Colts quarterback is represented by his uncle, Will Wilson, an agent with the Wasserman Media Group.

Discussing what types of endorsements might be a good match, Luck added (he would) "try to do things that fit your personality, do things that are obviously in good taste as well, but it's a fun part of being an athlete that you can have endorsement deals."

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