Wired's Chris Anderson: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

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WIRED Magazine

Today Wired is hosting its fourth annual Business Conferencein Downtown Manhattan, and I had a chance to catch up with Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson to talk about how important disruption is to businesses today.

Anderson says he's a firm believer in "creative destruction" - that things work best when they fall apart and are rebuilt in new ways.

As we head towards the Facebook IPO, there's no question that the social media giant looms large over the conversation here.

Anderson says Facebook has realigned people's relationship with the Internet. And that's having a big effect on companies - if they want to connect with potential consumers they need to "think social" and align with their social graph.

One company featured here today, Ford seems like a bit of an outlier in contrast to Silicon Valley names like Twitter and Kickstarter. (Anderson is interviewing CEO Alan Mulally on stage this afternoon).

But Anderson insists that the auto industry is "one of the most exciting industries out there."

He points to innovation in energy technology and the electric grid. Not only will these developments change the way people drive, Anderson says these innovations will be the key way America regains its business and economic strength. He points to Tesla , saying it's like the Apple of cars.

We'll be watching the panels and talking to speakers all day today for more on how companies build disruption into their DNA.

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