Virgin Atlantic Serves Richard Branson On Ice

The founder of the airline that offers swanky new cabins and onboard bars for its first class passengers just got a little cooler — literally.

Richard Branson Ice Cubes
Source: Virgin Atlantic
Richard Branson Ice Cubes

Virgin Atlantic will introduce specialty ice cubes shaped like Sir Richard Branson on select flights this month in the airline's first class section known as "Upper Class."

Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic told the Daily Mail, "While Richard would love to be able to sit and enjoy a drink with all of our passengers, his schedule means that it simply isn't possible." Ridgway continues, "Now he is able to join our guests 'in spirit' on one of the Upper Class cabin's first flights as they raise a toast to their trip and the exciting times ahead."

Richard Branson has to be the most charismatic airline tycoon in history. But whether passengers will find his likeness mixed in with their cocktail fun and original, or just plain creepy remains to be seen. It could even be considered in-flight entertainment watching how his effigy melts away.

At least passengers will know who he is. I doubt any U.S. carrier could pull off such an effort given the relative un-celebrity of our airline executives.

Tell us what you think. Funny or creepy?