FCC Genachowski: US Leader in Wireless Technology

There was a time, not long ago, where the clear leadership in the wireless industry did not reside within the borders of the United States.

Countries such as South Korea and Japan were well ahead of the U.S. in allowing consumers to pursue myriad tasks on their cell phones that the U.S. carriers could not compete with.

But as FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski happily pointed out Tuesday in an interview from the CTIA, that state of affairs is no longer.
The creation of Apple's iPhone and all the apps that can be used on it, not to mention the development of the Android operating system, have made the U.S. the leader in wireless technology, asserts Genachowski.

The proliferation of 4G LTE enabled networks, added Genachowski, will keep the U.S. in the lead.

As for wireless broadband penetration, while the FCC Chair admits there is still work to be done, he maintains progress is being made.

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