Strap On Your Fascinators - It's Kentucky Derby Time

Sports fans have long ditched the fancy hats for caps, except for Derby weekend in Kentucky.

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Last year, a hat called the fascinator was all the rage.

The tiny hat owed its rise in popularity to the royal wedding, which took place just weeks before.

Hat maker Christine Moore says the fascinator is still hot, with about 35 percent of her customers still asking for it.

The hot trend this year?

Medium brim hats with creative trim. And going big never goes out of style. That's because there are always women who want to turn heads or appear in the paper the next morning.

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"I found that people would still spend money on their hat because it is the centerpiece of their outfit," said Moore, whose average hat goes for about $800.

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Moore says, when thinking about cutting something, women might pull out an old dress, but still buy a new hat that they'll only wear for a couple hours.

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"This year, there is no price resistance at all, so I figure people are feeling better," Moore said.

Moore said the most expensive hat she made for this year's Derby went for $1,700.

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