Former CNBC Commentator Wayne Shannon Dies

Wayne Shannon, whose quirky "What's It All Mean" commentaries were a staple in the early years of CNBC, was found dead at the age of 64.

Wayne Shannon
Wayne Shannon

Family members had reported Shannon missing in September and his body was found this week in woods near Lewiston, Idaho, according to his son, Chris Schetzle.

Schetzle says Wayne Shannon died in an apparent suicide. An autopsy found no signs of physical trauma, but the coroner is awaiting results from toxicology testing, according to the Associated Press.

Shannon joined CNBC, then known as the Consumer News and Business Channel, as a commentator when the network launched in 1989. His wry essays, typically as many as three per day, continued until CNBC began focusing more heavily on financial news in the early 1990s.

Before joining CNBC, Shannon held similar positions in Detroit, Philadelphia and San Francisco, where a local newspaper once referred to him as "The Will Rogers of Bay Area TV." Shannon was the recipient of six Emmy awards and four CableACE nominations, his son said.

Shannon is survived by five children and a sister. Memorial services are planned for later this month in Eugene, Oregon.