Mark Zuckerberg's Hoodie: Good Sign for Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

We're all about the Facebook these days.

As the company kicks off its roadshow for investors, the big news is that founder Mark Zuckerberg has come to the Big Apple himself to pitch the company's market prospects.

CNBC's Kate Kelly reported on what was going on inside the meeting— revealing news about the long lines to get in, the food served ("chicken breast on salad, cookies"), and that Mark Zuckerberg was in the men's room when the question and answer session began.

(An earlier version mistakenly said Kate was in the meeting. She was not, as all press were barred from attending.)

However, the most interesting thing about Zuckerberg's appearance is that he wore his traditional hoodie, while Facebook CFO David Ebersman and COO Sheryl Sandberg wore suits.

A hoodie? Really? Didn't he hear what my friend Geraldohad to say about hoodies? Is this any way to convince adults to buy shares in your company?

Actually, you could argue the wardrobe choice was inspired. Here's why I “like” it:

1) It tells the market it's business as usual. Zuckerberg is saying, "I am Facebook. I've succeeded. This is who I am. Don't worry." Showing up in an expensive suit might tell people you want to impress them…because you're concerned.

2) It's what Steve would do. Steve Jobs ended up wearing the same thing every day, it became his trademark. Tech investors equate monotonous wardrobe choices with success.

3) The hoodie makes Zuckerberg look older. Yes, older, like he's 27 going on 28, which he is. He’s got a baby face, and a suit might make him look like a teenager nervous about the prom.

But, wait. Chicken breast on salad?? Who’s idea was that?

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