Facebook IPO: Buyer Beware

Facebook kicked off its road show Monday with CEO Mark Zuckerberg pitching the upcoming IPO to scores of investors.

But with the company set to fetch $96 billion when it hits the public markets next week, is the social media giant overhyped?

Alan Patricof, founder and managing director at Greycroft was an early investor in companies like AOL and Apple . And when it comes to the Facebook IPO, he tells us, “I’m very concerned by the public’s over exuberance.”

Patricof says that unlike most other companies, Facebook is so pervasive in people’s lives that they feel attached to the company. “The general public has been anticipating Facebook’s IPO for almost a year,” he reminds.

And he thinks that enthusiasm will likely drive the stock too far too fast. "I'm concerned about what the initial pop might be," he says, and then individuals will want to get in. It looks like Facebook will sell at 24 times revenue. By comparasion, Google sells at 5 or 6 times revenue.”

In fact, Patricof tells us he thinks Facebook would need a “cascade of miracles” to maintain the early pop that he’s expecting.

Ultimately he says the valuation will be tethered to how the June quarter goes - and if history is any guide Facebook may be facing headwinds. Profits dropped in the first 3 months of 2012.

“Everything would need to work right – revenue would have to grow at a high rate – and they would have to show an exponential growth rate that will be harder and harder to maintain."

All told, Patricof says buyer beware. “A lot of people could find themselves very disappointed.”

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