Funniest Forecast...Evah!

Some videos to lighten up your Tuesday, videos that'll make you laugh, make you cry, leave you puzzled.


Is that a weather forecast or are you just happy to see me? Be careful how you draw those weather maps. In the funny business of local news, there's been a flurry of anatomically correct weather forecasts hitting the country in the last few years. In this video, the weatherman finally understands what's wrong with his picture.

That does not happen in this second weather report from KLST in San Angelo, Texas. As the caption on Youtube says, "I guess Mexico had it coming."


I love Star Wars. Loooooove it. "May the Fourth be with you" passed my lips last week, on May 4th...

That said, I don't love Star Wars as much as this guy, who has recreated, Glee-style, the entire theme song.


...And be inspired. Next time you're feeling sorry for yourself and want to give up, think of Arthur Boorman, a disabled Gulf War veteran who is disabled no more.

One more thing. This video proves the power of encouragement.

When one person decided to believe in Boorman, he got the courage to try.

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