Euro Steadies, British Pound Lifts, Bank of India Moves In


The Bank of England steps back and euro fears ease - it's time for your FX Fix.

The euro steadied as stress in Spanish bond markets abated and Greece obtained some bond-repayment funding. [CNBC]

The British pound rose after the Bank of England said it would not introduce a new round of monetary easing. [FT]

An upbeat jobs report lifted the Australian dollar, but risk sentiment remained fragile. [CNBC]

The Bank of India intervened to prop up the rupee after it hit a record low against the dollar. [CNBC]

Faced with a lack of volatility in the euro-dollar pair, hedge funds have been avoiding currency trading. [FT]

The top three currency-dealing banks boosted their market share in 2011, foiling attempts by smaller players to gain ground. [WSJ]



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