The Facebook IPO Across the Twitterverse

From Silicon Valley to Bollywood, the impending opportunity to buy Facebook shares is sparking conversation across all social networks.


Indian film star Kabir Bedi tweeted “@facebook's IPO reminds me of the HYPE making AOL's stock valuations high enough for them to take over mighty Time Warner.”

And, shortly thereafter, mixed martial artist Jason “Mayhem” Miller joined the chorus of jeers with a reference to the lost glory days of that sparked a string of viral retweets.

“Hey @facebook investors,” Miller wrote. “After you pour all of your money into this, I want to introduce you to my pal Tom. He used to be everyone’s friend.”

LinkedIn, meanwhile, launched a special Facebook IPO news page, enticing users with the question “What would you pay for a share?” — a reference to an article posted in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Google+ was littered with shared articles and comments on the Facebook IPO that were largely unflattering, many of them describing its valuation as indicative of a “bubble.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, co-founder Eduardo Saverin shared a New York Times article – about himself. Saverin, who recently announced he will renounced his U.S. citizenship a few months before receiving a tax windfall from the Facebook IPO, was also a popular tweet target on Thursday as detractors and supporters weighed in on his controversial decision.

And serial tweeter Robert Scoble tweeted himself a pat on the back for calling Facebook’s valuation

“In 2007 I said @facebook was worth $100 billion… I get last laugh.”

And while Facebook’s valuation continues to stir a debate across the Web and the airwaves, Scoble tweeted his latest prediction on the eve of the giant IPO.

“@facebook will be worth half a trillion to a trillion in five years,” Scoble predicted. “I see that very clearly now.”