Topsy Turvy Year for Tech Rankings in CNBC's Top States for Business


Our criteria for the Technology& Innovation category may not reflect the meteoric rise of Apple stock, the stunning decline ofResearch in Motion's, the proliferation of cloud computing or the botched IPOof Facebook. But the measurements are a very accurate portrayal of where techis driving the economyin America.

The Empire (State) Strikes Back

This year's rankings, in a word, are stunning — with an unprecedented shakeup.

After five years at the top, California has been dethroned by New York, where Silicon Alley is attracting a new generation of Internet startups and generating jobs.

What's more, Californiafell to No. 3, between Texas(2 in 2012/4 in 2011) and another mover,Illinois(4/6).

This year has also brought two new entrants to the top 10: Colorado(8/14) and North Carolina (9/12) improved on last year. Bumped from the top 10 were New Jersey(13/8) andMichigan(12/8), respectively, which both placed eighth last year.

Two states maintained the status quo: Maryland(5/5) and Washington(10/10).

Rounding out the top 10,Pennsylvania (5/7) moved up and Massachusetts faltered (7/3).

America's Top States For Business
America's Top States For Business

Lower Scores

The extensive shakeup was accompanied by a widespread decline in scores, with no state managing 200 or more points (vs. three states last year). California lost almost 30 points, Massachusetts 25.

In moving up in the rankings, Illinois and Colorado both raised their scores by a couple points. Washington also improved its score, but to no avail.

If the top 10 was full of surprises, the bottom 10 was the usual crowd, with minor shifts.

Alaska(50/49), Hawaii (45/42), West Virginia (49/47) and Vermont(43/40) all slipped a bit. Wyoming (48/50),North Dakota(47/48) South Dakota(46/49)Mississippi(42/45) and Arkansas (41/44) inched higher.

Delaware(40/32) andNevada(44/37) slid the most in the rankings.