Lightning Round: Corning, Visa, NYSE Euronext and More

Corning : Cramer thinks weak TV sales and great commodity makers in Korea make this a challenged stock. Not a buy right now.

Visa : With very little financial risk and fantastic value, Cramer says this stock is a buy — especially when it drops.

NYSE Euronext : Cramer doesn't like to own NYSE Euronext because he says business is soft.

Kodiak Oil & Gas : While volatile oil prices make this stock a spec, Cramer said the stock is cheap and will bounce if oil bounces.

VelocityShares Daily : Cramer says this stock is "too emotional" and there's no edge. He wouldn't trade it.

Gamestop : Video game stocks are in a very tough spot, Cramer said. He wouldn't touch them right now.

Citigroup : Cramer does see long-term upside but no great dividend protection and too much uncertainty. After JPMorgan 's losses, he wants to steer clear of any international bank plays.

Electronic Arts :
The video game maker has been cheap for some time but is worth much more broken up, Cramer said. Microsoft should consider buying it.

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