Winning Equity ETFs During May EU Crisis

With many investors fleeing stocksfor safe havens such as metals and US Treasurysduring the latest EU flare-up, the equities landscape is littered with losses.

A few sectors, however, have managed to gain ground during the past three weeks, and retail investors who took advantage of the right ETFshave something to show for it.

We're not talking big gains here, but given the 5 percent losses for theDow 30 and major indices and, even bigger declines in sectors like financials and tech, these 10 funds have significantly outperformed the market.

Among the winners are old reliables such as utilities, mining and biotech, and one big surprise — airlines, thanks to the accompanying selloff in energy products, notably crude oil and gasoline.

Price changes reflect trading between Monday May 4, the day after the French and Greek elections, and Friday, May 24. (Data from Morningstar)