Busch: How to Trade Euro Weakness

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Last week, I recommended just dumping the euro, and it worked well.

It's still a good plan.

Last time I was on "Squawk on the Street,"I said just dump the EUR/USD and that trade worked well. Again, this is not a time to be sophisticated. I provided levels, but said you had to just pick a level you were comfortable with and sell the EUR even at those new lows.

On Tuesday, the EUR/USD put in another new low at 1.2465 and today is putting in another new low at 1.2420. When currencies are putting in lower lows, they are indicating a strong trend that you want to follow until proven wrong.

The Grexit continues to drive down the currency and has infected Spain.

In a strong downtrend, all of the news is interpreted as negative and has a negative impact to the currency.

The good news is ignored and the currency at best stays stable. (Even a rally in Risk yesterday when US stocks went up, the EUR puts in new lows.) The EUR drops despite all-time highs in EUR shorts according to CFTC data.

Yes, there is a risk for a big snap back, but that will likely be used as an entry point for new shorts.

This is a big downtrend. Sell a rally if we can get one or pick a level with about a 100 point stop. Trade Sell EUR/Buy USD Entry 1.2625 (the old low in January) S/L 1.2725 T/P 1.2325 This isn’t rocket science; this is momentum and strong trend trading.

Don’t over think it.

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