What if Facebook Traded at Apple’s Multiple?

Currently Facebook's forward P/E is around 53, but as shares of Facebook sink to new lows on almost a daily basis, the market is starting to question that valuation.

And that led us to wonder, where would Facebook trade if it had the same valuation as say Apple -- or as Google?

Fast breaks it down by the numbers.

Facebook Share Price

If Facebook traded at Apple’s forward P/E of 11.7 $6.30

If Facebook traded at the S&P 500’s forward P/E of 12.8 $6.90

If Facebook traded at Google’s forward P/E of 13.2 $7.15

If Facebook traded at Zynga’s forward P/E of 19.5 $10.55

If Facebook traded at LinkedIn's forward P/E of 128.2 $128.20

"Conversely if Google traded at Facebook's forward P/E of 53 it would be a $1,700 stock, at least," chuckles Karen Finerman.

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Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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