Take-Two Interactive CEO Talks Digital, Mobile at E3

Grand Theft Auto IV
Source: Take Two Interactive Software
Grand Theft Auto IV

Take-Two Interactive Software business is indisputably a hit-driven business, with big names like Red Dead Redemption and its signature game, Grand Theft Auto.

Chief Executive Strauss Zelnick told me that the fact that Take-Two has fewer, bigger games means the company is less impacted by the declines that have dragged down overall industry numbers for the past five consecutive months. But the company is still trying to tap into the rise of mobile and social games.

Here at E3, Take-Two announced a number of new mobile games, including a number built on Nickelodeon brands. The idea, Zelnick says, is to go wherever consumers are, and Take-Two doesn't care if they're on their smart-phones or consoles.

Zelnick says that now 13 percent of the company's revenue comes from digital, a number that's sure to grow. But Zelnick says he doesn't care: as long as the company keeps churning out hit games, people will pay to access them on any platform.

But it sounds like the real opportunity will come starting next year, when Microsoft's XBox and Sony's Playstation are expected to launch new consoles.

Watch the full interview with Zelnick here.

-By CNBC's Julia Boornstin
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