Greek Far Right Politician Attacks 2 Women on Live TV

Tensions ahead of fresh elections in Greece on June 17 spilled over in a televised political debate on Thursday when a spokesman for the far right Golden Dawn party physically attacked two female members of parliament from opposing political parties throwing water at one and punches at another.

Video of the incident, posted on Youtube but since removed, shows Ilias Kasidiaris in heated exchanges with Syriza party deputy Rena Dourou. The video shows both politicians shouting over the other. Communist party member of parliament Liana Kanellis is also involved.

Toward the end of the footage, Kasidiaris picks up a glass of water and throws it across the table at Dourou. Kanellis then jumps back out of her seat next to him and throws a number of papers at him. He reacts by pushing Kanellis and then striking her multiple times.

The television station, Antenna TV, called the police immediately after the incident. It is unclear whether the Golden Dawn spokesman has been arrested. However, local media has reported that an arrest warrant has been issued.

Golden Dawn is a far right political organization that until recently was a political non-entity in Greece. However, the recent inconclusive general election saw them finish fifth overall with 21 MPs and a little short of 7 percent of the vote.