Bullet Maker Sets Sights on Zombie Killers

Source: Hornaday

Zombies are not just good business for Hollywood.

Apparently, the ammunition industry has found a target audience, as well.

The Hornady Manufacturing Company, an ammunition maker in Nebraska, is marketing Zombie bullets, which are made for all types of firearms, from pistols to rifles to shotguns.

“Be prepared for Zombiegeddon,” it states on its website. “Just in case … Get loaded with Z-MAX Bullets and prepare to “Mist"-ify Zombie varmints!”

Who is buying these bullets?

“Everybody,” said John Murray, a firearms salesman at Ramsey Outdoor in Ledgewood, N.J. “They work just like any other bullet, but the tip is green.”

Green, apparently, is the official Zombie-killing color.

Murray said Ramsey Outdoor doesn’t have the bullets in stock at the moment. “We carry them when we can. We haven’t been able to get a lot. They’re very popular.”

According to Murray, all types of people have come in asking for the bullets.

Zombie bullets was the brainchild of Hornady president Steve Hornady, who is a fan of zombie movies and TV shows, company spokesman Everett Deger told local news outlet CBS Detroit. “This is probably one of the only [product] launches that we’ve seen when people who are not in the hunting and shooting industry will go out and purchase this,” he told CBS Detroit.

The marketing has been a boon to Hornady, which this week won a People’s Telly Award for its “Zombie Max” video about a man in a fight with the undead who was prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with Hornady ammunition.

Interested in testing the bullets? Hornady is sponsoring “Zombies in the Heartland – Pandemic 2012” later this month in Grand Island, Neb. The three-day shooting match gives enthusiasts a chance to test their skills against a variety of Zombie targets.

And if you can’t make it to the Zombie hunt?

“We sell Zombie targets,” said Ramsey Outdoor’s Murray. "The paper targets are very popular. And we have a plastic cast one that oozes liquid when you hit it. We don’t sell as many of those because they’re kind of expensive. But they're good targets.”

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