Living Well: Pete Najarian Prepares to Tackle Deadly Foe

Fast Money Halftime Report - Living Well
Fast Money Halftime Report - Living Well

As a pro football player Pete Najarian knows a thing or two about taking down an opponent. And he’s got one in his sights, right now.

Fast Money’s Pit Boss has launched an all-out assault on a deadly foe; ALS, sometimes called Lou Gherig’s disease after the famed baseball player who was diagnosed with the affliction in 1939.

ALS is a debilitating condition that causes muscles to slowly atrophy, at first making it difficult to walk, then get out of bed and ultimately victims have trouble talking and even swallowing. Currently there is no known cause for ALS and few treatments are effective.

Fortunately for us, Najarian isn’t one to shy away from a fight. He’s committed to tackling this disease, and as anybody who played against the Minnesota Vikings in the late 1980’s will tell you, Najarian tackles hard!

Get all the details. Watch the video now!

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