Euro Steadies, Aussie Lifts, Iceland Wants a Stronger Krona


Greece's election hangs over the market, but the Aussie is undaunted - it's time for your FX Fix.

The euro steadied on Wednesday, but traders said it was vulnerable to concerns about Greek elections and debt contagion. [CNBC]

Greek bankers said up to $1 billion in euros were leaving banks daily, and some of the money is being used to buy pasta and canned goods ahead of the election. [CNBC]

Borrowing costs for Italy and Spain continued to surge, escalating calls for bigger steps from euro zone leaders. [WSJ]

The dollar was little changed, but traders said it could strengthen as the Greek election nears and risk aversion increases. []

The Australian dollar rose, approaching parity with the U.S. dollar, as Moody's reaffirmed its AAA credit rating and central bank governor said a strong Aussie helps consumers. []

Iceland's central bank raised interest rates in a bid to curb above-target inflation caused party by a weak krona. [RTT]



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