Ex-Employee Talks Facebook and Mobile

Matt Cohler, a general partner at Benchmark Capital, was one of the first five Facebookhires. He talked to CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” on Wednesday about his former employer's focus and the growing importance of mobile.

“I don’t think Facebook has ever particularly concerned itself with being cool,” Cohler said. “I think it’s always been concerned principally with serving the needs of its users, platform developers and advertisers.”

He also said CEO Mark Zuckerberg is very much a missionary and a visionary focused on the long-term at Facebook.

Some analysts are, nonetheless, concerned about Facebook’s mobile strategy. With hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads out there, and Samsung having trouble keeping up with demand for its new Galaxy S3 smartphone, “mobile is a really exciting and important change," Cohler said.

--By CNBC.com’s Justin Menza.