Five Years Later, Will iPhone Stay on Top of Smartphone Market?

ADRIAN DENNIS | AFP | Getty Images

Apple's iPhone was introduced five years ago today and since then the company's stock has soared.

The iPhone maker has seen its stock climb more than 370 percent over the last five years, but with competitors like Google and Samsung making big moves to gain market share, can Apple keep up its pace?

"This is a race between Apple and Google," said Whitney Bluestein, founder of Bluestein & Associates.

With a million activations a day on Android devices, the Android platform is winning in terms of sheer numbers, Bluestein said. But Apple is "capturing the profits and the high-value customers of the carriers."

Apple has over 400 million credit card accounts connected to its app store and continues to expand its app store into new countries, according to Bluestein & Associates data.

With the launch of the expected iPhone 5 this fall, Apple will continue to be the leader in the smartphone market, Bluestein said.

"It's changed everything, people are browsing like never before," Bluestein said. "Not just on the iPhone, but the iPhone leads all the other devices in mobile data consumption."