These Stocks Remain Long Term Value Buys: Pro

Shares in UK broadcaster ITV remain a good value long term buy, according to Chris Tinker, founder of Libra Investment Services Ltd has told CNBC.

George Frey | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Despite a poor outlook for TV advertising revenue Libra Investments remain a persistent buyer of the stock and have been for several weeks.

"We've had a little bit of private equity noise associated with it, but even when it pulls back we still see the long term trends growing very strongly.” Tinker told CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange”.

KRR, co-controller of Germany's ProSieben TV station, being one of those companies rumoured to be interested. As well as talk of a takeover, last month the share price strengthened on the news that ITV had put in a tender offer to buy back 250 million pounds of its outstanding bonds. Thus, potentially boosting 2013 earnings.

European plane maker EADS is also one of Tinker’s top picks.

“I think you’ve got a very strong growth outlook, good value opportunity still in EADS despite the relative moves. Very much one we would buy on any retracements and actually one we would buy outright anyway," Tinker said.

EADS’s share price had been up 17 percent since they first attracted his attention and he noted that next week’s Farnborough International Air Show is likely to give the firm an extra boost.