When Friday the 13th Is a Good Thing

It's probably not a great day to get married. Or buy a car. Or make investment decisions.

Source: Laser Image

That is, if you have qualms about Friday the 13th.

However, it may be a great day to develop data management software.

Two women who started Laser Image in Dallas, a company specializing in data management software development, never really paid much attention to numbers beyond their profit and loss statements. But one number kept popping up everywhere they looked: 13.

"Thirteen definitely follows us around," said President Barbara Morris who, with partner Chele Butler, noticed the number when they realized the address at their first official office: 1313 Slocum Street. This was after moving from their first “unofficial” office at 1212 Motor Street.

Then they applied for a phone line and got one … ending in 1313.

When Morris decided to spend her 50th birthday playing golf in Scottsdale, she landed a hole-in-one ... on the 13th hole.

The company has survived the ups and downs for 22 years, and management figures that when Friday the 13th rolls around, it’s time to take notice. They've even gotten themselves a black cat named Stellaviscious.

"I can't really understand it," said Morris, "but for whatever reason, the universe puts a number 13 in most of our professional milestones. When we hit a Friday the 13th, it's time to celebrate because we know it's going to be a great day."

- By CNBC's Jane Wells

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