Car Service Start-Up Uber in the Spotlight at Sun Valley


Every year at Allen and Co's annual conference, several hot new startups make an appearance in Sun Valley. This year, the list of newcomers include Evernote, Cloudera, Nextdoor, and Uber.

CNBC's Kayla Tausche caught up with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for an extended interview just after the on-demand transportation service won a big victory in Washington, D.C., where City Council was set to approve an amendment to taxi legislation that would have made it illegal for Uber to lower prices.

For those not familiar with Uber, its iPhone and Android apps allow users to request a ride (usually a black car/limo) anywhere at any time as long as Uber operates in your city. Uber got its start in San Francisco and is now in 13 cities worldwide including New York, Boston, and London.

Watch the video below or check out the transcript here.