Billionaire Bill Ackman Is up to Something, but What?

On Thursday investors were wondering if activist investor Bill Ackman was about to work his magic and unlock major value in P&G.

Ackman is celebrated on Wall Street for buying big stakes in companies and then agitating for changes that he thinks will augment shareholder value.

Because of his reputation, shares of P&G popped Thursday on news that Ackman has built a large stake in the consumer giant.

But what kinds of changes, exactly, is Ackman looking for? The Fast Money traders have a few thoughts.


Top trader Joe Terranova, chief market strategist for Virtus, says if history is any indication Ackman will be looking to break-up the company. “That’s what he did with Fortune Brands,” Terranova reminds.

The question you have to ask yourself is, can he do it? P&G is a goliath. “Whether you think he can or can’t, that’s the reason to follow him in or not.”

That’s Terranova’s thesis. Trader Karen Finerman, president of Metropolitan Capital, isn’t so sure.

Multiple Expansion

Finerman thinks Ackman's investment could be a bet that the P/E multiple is about to increase with the Street willing to pay more for a consumer staples company in a weak economy. According to this thesis, P&G would attract more capital as investors seek out stocks that offer yield and relative safety.

“However, if that’s the case, to me, that’s a hard sell,” says Finerman.

Caris analyst Linda Bolton Weiser says much the same. “I don’t think the stock is undervalued – I have a $62 price target on it. “P&G is trading at a modest discount to Colgate but largely it’s an expensive stock.”

Trader Guy Adami, managing director of, feels a little differently. He says P&G is trading at a 16 multiple when smaller rival Church & Dwight is at a 22 multiple. "And CHD made an all-time high today. And on paper it's a better name."


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Weiser thinks Ackman may have another agenda. She believes he’s looking to oust CEO Bob McDonald. “There’s quite a bit of Wall Street dissatisfaction with McDonald,” she reminds.

However, if that’s Ackman’s goal, she doesn’t think the stock rallies in the near-term. “There’s no obvious replacement and Procter & Gamble has a history of promoting from within,” she says.

Trader Stephen Weiss, managing partner at Short Hills Capital, says whatever his agenda is, stay away. Weiss is skeptical simply because P&G is such an enormous company. At the time of writing the market cap was $175 billion. Even if this is his largest stake, Weiss says he probably won’t wield enough influence to implement any change that the board otherwise wouldn’t want to implement.

“Icahn couldn’t influence Clorox,” he reminds. “Ackman won’t be able to influence P&G.”

And he reminds Ackman’s track record isn't stellar. “He’s also a large shareholder of JCPenney,” reminds Weiss. “How’s that been going?”

What do you think? We want to know!

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