Dennis Gartman: Corn Has Reached a Breaking Point

The corn crop will probably be so small that industry will have to make some tough choices.

“This is absolutely the worst time to have this kind of drought and heat wave – it’s happening right at pollination,” explains esteemed commodities investor Dennis Gartman, author of The Gartman Letter.

He thinks companies are now at a point of no return. In a live interview on CNBC's Fast Money Gartman tells us that even if it does rain and the leaves turn green, the corn inside the husk won't be substantial.

"We thought the harvest would yield 14.7 billion bushels but it’s going to come in under 13 billion bushels,” he says.

And that will lead to some tough choices. We’re at a point where there won’t be enough to go around.

“I think it means corn for ethanol use will have to wait,” says Gartman. “We’ll need the corn for feed," or livestock will go hungry.

Also Gartman says if you’re buying ferts as a bet fertilizer will be needed to help salvage corn crops, think again. “That’s nonsense – farmers aren’t going to apply any more.”

Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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