Samsung Judge to Apple: Admit You Were Wrong!

The New iPad
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The New iPad

A U.K. court wants to make it clear that Samsung did not infringe on Apple's iPad design so they're forcing the iPad maker to issue a public notice saying they were wrong, according to a report.

In a move to counteract any damage done to Samsung's reputation because of the trial, Apple will have to issue a statement on its website and in British Newspapers reiterating the court's ruling that Samsung did not copy Apple's tablet.

The notice on Apple's website will need to remain present for six months, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Earlier this month, Judge Colin Birss, who ordered Apple to issue the notice, ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tablets don't violate Apple's patented designs.

He also said that consumers wouldn't get the iPad and the Galaxy tablets confused because Samsung's tablet simply were "not as cool" as Apple's product.