Ackman Says ‘Hard to Lose Money in P&G’ – Is He Right?

Ever since billionaire investor Bill Ackman revealed a stake in P&G earlier in the month, pros have been trying to figure out what he sees.

Ackman is famed for his ability to spot value, but at a 20 multiple many pros aren’t quite sure what Ackman sees in this steady-eddy stock.

Well he must see something. “We have about $1.8 billion invested in P&G,” reveals Ackman at CNBC's Delivering Alpha event. “It’s hard to lose money in P&G at the current share price.”

That's pretty compelling - hard to lose money at current levels. Should you follow him in?

All the Fast traders agree that Ackman’s stake is a bet that the stock has upside. “I have to assume it’s a beta play,” says Guy Adami, managing director of

“He has to think he can get them to expand margins and perhaps sell brands in the portfolio that don’t fit,” adds Karen Finerman, president of Metropolitan Capital.

“When I establish a position I often look down before I look up,” Finerman adds. “He clearly doesn’t see much downside and he probably sees a lot of upside,” she explains.

However, “If you’re buying on his coat tails, I’d be careful,” adds trader Josh Brown, author of The Reformed Broker blog.

Ackman tends to have a long time horizon.

"This isn't about a quick pop in the hopes that Ackman gets them to jettison a few brands," he says.

However, if you have a longer time horizon, he adds, “If you’ve got time, then I do think his position is a bet that share prices is going north.”

Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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