USA Land of Opportunity, Especially for Investors

There ain’t no doubt I love this land
Gold bless the USA
- Lee Greenwood

From life and liberty to the pursuit of happiness, there are many great things about the USA, but according to Goldman Sachs high up on that list should be opportunity.

CEO Lloyd Blankfein is quite bullish on the USA; he says there’s no better place to put money to work than right here.

On the website Politico, Blankfein highlights 4 reasons why. They follow:

1. The U.S. has favorable demographics — thanks to its relatively high birth rates and immigration. While the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — have generated extraordinary economic growth, the U.S. remains a magnet for many of the smartest, most ambitious people in the world.

2. The ability to better tap into domestic sources of energy — natural resource-based and, to a lesser but promising extent, the growing array of clean technologies — will spur more job-creating investments, improving our balance of payments.

3. U.S. policymakers were aggressive in responding to the financial crisis, and the financial sector has been quick to increase capital and reduce leverage.

4. U.S. companies have restructured more quickly and more extensively than others since 2008 — boosting U.S. productivity growth.

Should you put money to work in the US?

Trader Josh Brown, CEO at Baker Avenue Asset Management, says, 'yes'. “My fund is pretty US focused. And I think it’s interesting to hear this level of optimism from someone who regularly talks with the most influential people in the industry and in the nation.”

Although he wasn't on Wednesday's broadcast, that's a theme that trader Steve Cortes, founder Veracruz, a research and consulting firm, has highlighted many times on Fast Money. He thinks the best plays are companies that largely do business doesmtically.

Trader Guy Adami, managing director of, thinks the US has many good companies but most of their stocks move in tandem with the S&P and frankly, he's bearish. Although he agrees that the US is the best house on the proverbial bad Street – he does think it’s a bad street and there’s more trouble to come. “I still think the underperformance in Caterpillar is trying to tell you something.”

Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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