What Cramer's Eyeing Next Week

Next week will be another busy one for Wall Street, with no shortage of earnings news for “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer to decipher. What follows is Cramer’s “Game Plan” for the week of Monday, July 23.


Right off the bat, we’ll hear from Eaton , which recently merged with Cooper Industries . The stock currently yields 4 percent and it’s given investors a rough ride — having plummeted 27 percent from $52 per share to $38. “Let’s hear if that move’s an overreaction,” Cramer said. “I bet it is.”

Halliburton is another stock to watch. The oil service company was riding high during the natural gas boom, but has performed horribly ever since the nat gas glut became “interminable.” Cramer isn’t sure it’s time to buy HAL just yet.


Tuesday touts earnings from DuPont , Biogen Idec , Domino’s Pizza , Panera Bread and the biggest highlight of them all — Apple .

Cramer likes DuPont but wonders if the company should be doing more to keep up with companies like PPG Industries “that keep bringing out the value.” He also wonders if there are faster growing parts of the business that deserve to stand alone as their own entities, with the slower growth parts broken off and rolling over hefty dividends, “a la Abbott Labs and Kraft .”

As a big biotech fan, Cramer also likes Biogen Idec and says it’s got the best growth of all the drug companies he follows. “I think we’ll hear about some clinical trial results that could send the stock flying,” he said.

And the bears won’t seem to let up on Domino’s, even though this week’s chart signaled a bottom in the stock, he said. Cramer thinks that’s “short-sighted” and says the pizza chain operator could be ready to run again. Also in the food and grain space, Panera Bread and Buffalo Wild Wings will tell us how commodity costs are impacting the bottom line. He also wonders if the companies’ mere mention of higher wing costs due to more expensive chicken feed could harm profits just enough to cause the stocks to sell off.

Finally, we get word from Apple. Cramer reiterated that this would not be an important quarter for Apple, saying it would be more of a transition period ahead of Apple’s new iPhone and iTV. You have to hope this stock goes down so you can get into it ahead of those cycles, he said. “I need you in this stock, it’s bedrock. Don’t trade it — own it.”

What Cramer's Eyeing Next Week


On Wednesday, we’ll get a big read on industrials when Caterpillar reports its quarterly results. Will Caterpillar be the next Cummins , Cramer asked, or can it tell a story of growth somewhere? But he thinks the numbers are too high and that if CAT were to substantially cut forecasts, “there will be no bottom worth trading.”

Wyndham Worldwide , a little-known hospitality company, comes out with its report, and Cramer bets that once again we’ll be blown away by how well their hotel chain and timeshare exchange business are doing. Shareholders have received a 35 percent return on the stock thanks to a handful of dividend boosts and stock buybacks. Cramer thinks WYN could get another run at 52-week highs.

Aerospace giant Boeing will either confirm or deny the claim that the aerospace cycle is peaking and the defense cycle is dying. Cramer thinks that like Honeywell CEO David Cote, Boeing will deny the claim. Plus, a defense wind-down has already been baked into the stock price, so there’s more reason to buy than sell.

Lastly, can Whole Foods keep it up? After the bell, Cramer believes the firm will prove once again that it’s the king of healthy eating and hopes the stock drops further to make the “post-quarter pop” that he’s expecting will be worth a trade.


Cramer’s spotlighting “consistency” stocks on Thursday, with Kimberly-Clark , Dunkin Brands and Hershey all out with their earnings. While all three have persistently climbed higher, Cramer thinks that even the consistent stocks need to take a breather every now and then.

A stronger dollar may shave off some gains from Kimberly-Clark, and if the stock does get hit, Cramer says he would be an aggressive buyer, especially as its dividend yield slouches toward the “magic” 4 percent mark.

International Paper may have a shot at delivering upside with higher box prices and the Temple Inland acquisition coming into play. Cramer forecasts a guide-up and says he would buy it ahead of any Europe-inspired downdraft. That could be the best trade of the week if you can get it at the $30 level.

And Celgene has been on the mend, but Cramer thinks investors will reap the benefits of staying with the stock. He’s looking for more details on the recent European Revlimid setback and a reinforcement of some big numbers in the out-years.

But 3M could give us some cause for concern, he said. Cramer cautions that the stock has been “on a tear lately” and he fears too much risk versus the strong dollar. “I say be careful,” he said. “There could be some giveback here.”


And finally, to cap off the week, we’ll get reports from Chevron , Weyerhauser and Merck . Cramer’s charitable trust owns Weyerhauser and he said the timber company’s stock isn’t done going up yet. He also said the stock makes for a terrific housing play.

Merck’s 3.8 percent yield looks attractive, he said, even if growth has been sluggish. And he said Chevron was cheap and steady, with better growth than just about any other major oil company out there, including Exxon Mobil .

The bottom line: Another big week in the U.S. and one that will hopefully drown out any noise surrounding Spanish bonds or the “iron will” of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Instead, “we are lashed to the mast of earnings, a far more substantive and lucrative affair."

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