Lightning Round: Ford Motor, Pitney Bowes, Costco Wholesale and More

Ford Motor : The automaker is struggling in Latin America, Cramer said. In turn, its stock has been struggling.

"The U.S. cannot offset these negatives, making it one tough stock to own," he said.

Pitney Bowes : Cramer said he'd love to interview this company's management, but until then, he cannot recommend its stock.

Costco Wholesale : This retailer's stock had a nice run, Cramer said. In his opinion, it's time to take some off the table.

Kirby : A lot of oil and oil service stocks are struggling, making things hard for the barge business, Cramer said.

Tesla Motors : This automaker's stock is too speculative for Cramer.

Travelzoo : The Internet travel companies seem to be having a tough time lately, Cramer said. He'll pass on this stock for now.

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