Cramer: 6 Earnings in the Spotlight on Thursday 

Thursday boasts earnings from a handful of companies and “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer will be tossing some key "consistency" plays into the spotlight.

Kimberly-Clark , Dunkin Brands and Hershey all come out with their earnings. While all three have persistently climbed higher, Cramer thinks that even the consistent stocks need to take a breather every now and then.

A stronger dollar may shave off some gains from Kimberly-Clark, and if the stock does get hit, Cramer says he would be an aggressive buyer, especially as its dividend yield slouches toward the “magic” 4 percent mark.

International Paper may have a shot at delivering upside with higher box prices and the Temple Inland acquisition coming into play. Cramer forecasts a guide-up and says he would buy it ahead of any Europe-inspired downdraft. That could be the best trade of the week if you can get it at the $30 level.

And Celgene has been on the mend, but Cramer thinks investors will reap the benefits of staying with the biotech stock. He’s looking for more details on the recent European Revlimid setback and a reinforcement of some big numbers in the out-years.

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Meanwhile, 3M could give us some cause for concern, he said. Cramer cautions that the stock has been “on a tear lately” and he fears too much risk versus the strong dollar. “I say be careful,” he said. “There could be some giveback here.”

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