Grass-Lined Flip-Flops Bring the Outdoors to Your Feet

Kusa Shoes
Kusa Shoes

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin' (because there's no water) and the cotton is (not quite so) high.

Ok, so the outdoors isn't having a great year.

Here's a way to bring back some of the good ol' days of picnicking in parks before water restrictions forced officials to turn off the sprinklers. Buy yourself some grass-lined flip- flops.

The $30 flip-flops, made by Australia based KUSA("kusa" is "grass" in Japanese), are not lined with real grass, but with "life-like artificial grass to give you the feeling of walking out in an open field--minus stepping on bees." Wonder how they smell.

Are they comfortable? KUSA says the synthetic turf conforms to the shape of your feet, though it may feel tight at first. "Don't worry, just wiggle your foot around to shape it to your foot." Tell that to the NFL players who are not fans of fake grass. KUSA adds that the turf "may need to be 'fluffed' occasionally," and it warns, "DO NOT MOW."

However, before slapping on a pair and heading to the office, realize your co-workers may not be thrilled. A survey by Adeccofound that flip-flops are second only to ripped jeans as inappropriate work attire.

Beyond the dress code concerns, the bigger challenge for KUSA may be how to market these most unusual sandals. What kind of catchy tag line would sell? "50 Blades of Grass!" "Turf without Surf!"

Twitter had a few more ideas: (

  • “Blade Runner” (@ButterflyRachel)
  • "Mow-mentum" (@liza_hughes)
  • "Where the Grass is Always Greener" (@PattyEdwards—our "Fast Money" fave!)
  • "Walking No Longer Need Be A Pain In The Grass" (@j2lovesfriday)
  • "TURF TOES" (@DonCarrMAC)
  • "Walk this Way" (@goldmansachs666)
  • "Dumb things only idiots buy" (@WhitDavemore)

Well, I have to admit, they sure sound more comfortable than cramming my feet into pumps with four-inch heels. Hey, wait, maybe I can make a dress shoe version… call them Mow-no-lo Blahniks…or Jimmy Chias…

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